Rules Standard

WAKBF Rules and Guidelines 2018

As a KBF Partner Organization, Washington Kayak Bass Fishing operates under the same rules as KBF, which can be seen in full here:
Below are addendum’s to the KBF rules, or a slight change in verbiage. Qualifiers for the KBF National Championship will have to comply with KBF Rules, and the WAKBF Addendum’s will not be used for that event.



1. Membership

i. No Membership fee will be collected to participate in WAKBF Events. Club costs will be pulled from entry fees instead.


2. Entry Fees

i. Online registration via TourneyX must be completed two weeks (14 days) prior to any event.

ii. All Entry Fee Sales are Final, and will not be refunded. If something happens, and you cannot attend the event, your entry fee will be paid out to the winners of the event.

iii. If you forget to register (life happens) prior to the 14 day deadline, you have the option to email and notify him that you would like to register late. Late registration must be paid in the form of cash at pre-tournament check in, and a $10 late fee will be added to your entry.

iv. If you arrive to pre-tournament check in and I have had no knowledge that you would be fishing or entering the event, there is a possibility that you will not be able to compete. There are things that need to happen in order for you to be able to fish that I need to take care of in advance. Please do not surprise me at check in.


3. Pre Tournament Check In

i. Tournament check in location and time will be determined two weeks (14 Days) prior to each event. This is when all entrants need to have paid to enter.

ii. At Check in you will receive a competitor identification band. This must be displayed at all times during competition. The band was designed to fit around the back of most life jackets. If your life jacket does not allow this, please have it clearly visible somewhere else on you or your kayak.


4. Tackle and Equipment

i. Human or natural power propulsion is the only form allowed. This includes, but is not limited to paddles, pedal drive systems, sails, fins, etc. No electric powered motors are allowed for propulsion unless approved by Aaron for use with disability or otherwise.

ii. GoPro’s or personal action cameras are encouraged during competition, and we ask that you submit your videos to Washington Kayak Bass Fishing for use and editing. Go Pro’s or other fisheye style lenses cannot be used as a form of catch submission.

iii.. HAWG Trough Measuring Boards must have the lines darkened using sharpie, as well as where the “fence” joins the board. See photo below for example.

5. Prizes

i. Entry Fee funds will be distributed as follows:

ii. Payouts will be as follows:

iii. Other prizes such as non cash donations will be distributed as seen fit by the series.

iv. In the event that NO fish are caught during a day of competition, the money will roll over to the next tournament. In the event that no fish are caught on the last regular season tournament event, the money will roll over to the next event, or an additional event will be scheduled.  Any non cash prizes will be raffled off at random.

v. In the event of a tie in any place standing, the winner of the place standing will be determined by their longest fish. This will continue to second, third, fourth and fifth fish. If identical limits are caught, then a coin toss will determine the place standing.

vi. In the event that less anglers catch fish than the predetermined payout scheme calls for, the prizes and money will be redistributed to those anglers. For example… if only one angler out of 30 Anglers catches a fish, all the prize money and “earned placement” prizes will go to that one angler. Prizes that have been determined ahead of time as “raffle” items will still be raffled away at random with no additional purchase necessary.

A. Big Bass Buy In

i. At each event, competitors can choose to enter into a Big Bass buy in, which will be a separate amount of money on top of the tournament entry fee. This buy in will be CASH ONLY and will be given to the check in station at the pre tournament check in.

ii. The competitor with the largest fish caught during competition, and that has paid the big fish buy in, will receive 100% of the big fish buy in pot.

iii. In the event that two competitors have a tie for biggest fish, the lengths of their next biggest bass will be used.

iv. In the event that there is a tie for biggest bass, and the two competitors have exactly the same sized limit of fish, a coin toss will determine the winner.


6. Prefishing

i. Prefishing can be done, as listed in the KBF Rules, from ANY type of fishing vessel.

ii. Prefishing Cutoff will be 4:00pm the date prior to any event.



7. Weigh In/ Late Penalty

i. Tardiness to weigh in/check in will not be tolerated. The check in time determined 14 days prior to the event is when you must have checked in with the tournament director. In the event you are late, a penalty of 1″ per minute will be deducted from your limit. After 15 minutes past check in time, your limit will be disqualified. 



8. Qualifications

i. KBF National Championship slots will be awarded based on the Angler of The Year standings, and roll downs etc will be determined for eligibility by KBF’s Rules Standard.